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Mix&Gain: Meter

Default installation path: .../Mix&Gain/Meter/

Modules to avoid clipping and for investigation and measuring.

dspLoad 0.60

dspLoad 0.60

dspLoad 0.60

dspLoad 1.20       CWM download   

Two inputs for sync and async signals.

outputs integer w/ 10 decimal places, floating point and frequency conversions.

dspLoad 0.30

CWM download  

Can both be used for metering and as constant value.

Absolute Value: 32bit integer

ValMonitor: Floating point -1 to +1.

dspLoad 0.30

Default installation path: ../Tools/Control/

Can both be used for multi-metering and constant values.

bipolar/unipolar switch, gfx button to turn off visualization.

dspLoad 1.80/1.90/5.00

Default installation path: ../Tools/Control/

"a high-precision VU meter that shows the exact value (in Hertz) for the frequency signal it is receiving. It can also be used as the source of a precise constant frequency by entering the desired frequency in the value field, or by dragging the meter's indicator." (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 0.20/0.30/0.20

Default installation path: ../Tools/Pitch n Tune/