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- not on the Delay pages: SSB Delay (see Effects/Frequency), PitchShift Delay (see Effects/Pitch), Flexor PitcherEngineFB (see Effects/Granular).

- the timing of all CW delays (except the standard Delay module) is dependent on ULLI settings, so the displayed delay time may not be correct

- mod delay shows the exact delaytime - but doubled, eg if it’s set to 10.00ms, the correct delaytime is 5.00ms.

Default installation path: .../Effects/Delay/

max delay time 680 ms                   dspLoad 6.40/5.70/4.40

(By default this module is installed in Effects/Tempo.)

Stereo delay with optional cross feedback.  In manual mode, max. delay time is 4000ms; if synchronized to MidiClock, longer delays can be achieved (eg 120bpm, freqDiv24/256=> max. delay time is 5333ms).            dspLoad 9.00/5.90/5.90

polyphonic dsp delay which delaytime can be modulated, suitable for chorus or flanger effects.

Max. DT: 21.33ms.                                      dspLoad 9.00/-

max delay time 5460 ms                  dspLoad 6.40/5.70/4.40

BBdelays consist of a series of clocked delay registers. the amount of clocks determines the delay time. DT 0-0.58sec.  

mp3: sine, sine_FreqMod               dspLoad 11.80/8.60/8.60

This delay can be “played” like a normal Osc, if MVC Freq is connected to FreqMod. The output signal changes it's pitch corresponding to the notes played on the keyboard.

delaytime 0-0.021sec.                      dspLoad 15.70/12.50/-

mp3 :FreqMod_coa+24; FreqMod_coa-24

some issues with this module, see here and here.  

If it works, fantastic module.

mp3: sine. sine_FreqMod                dspLoad 3.90/3.00/1.90

as above, shorter delaytime.             dspLoad 3.90/3.00/1.90

2 channel 1k modulation delay.

Delaytime, modulation sources, modulation range and modulation offset can be linked.   

Max. polyphony: 3

CWM download

Actually 16 delays under the hood, which' delaytimes depend on logarithmic calculations.

CWM download