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Filter: AllPass

Default installation path: .../-=Flexor=-/Filters/All-Pass/

All audio passes through but changes its phase across the frequency range.

6dB AllPass.

dspLoad 10.90/7.60/7.70                                       Poly:16

"Two-Pole Allpass. It creates a resonant peak at the cutoff frequency, and does not block any frequencies. It is handy for boosting certain frequencies in a sound, or for creating interesting resonating sweeping sounds." (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 16.70/13.50/13.50                                     Poly:9

"a vowel filter with an X-Y vector control that allows smooth cross-fading between 4 vowel types at once. Each vowel is assignable to any of 11 types (IY, IH, EH, AE, AA, AO, OH, OO, UY, AH, AX). The filter is built from a special array of All-Pass filters yields 3 multi-mode filters which can be switched between High-Pass, Band-Pass, Low-Pass, All-Pass and Band-Reject via the text fader (which switches all 3 to the same type). This filter is great for making vocal effects on any sound source you wish." (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 49.50                                                       Poly:3

"a vector controlled vowel filter with an X-Y vector control that allows smooth cross-fading between 4 vowel types at once. Each vowel is selectable to any of of 11 vowel types (IY, IH, EH, AE, AA, AO, OH, OO,UY, AH, AX). It is built from 3 special one-pole All-Pass filters that give a very pronounced vocal character to any sound source that passes through it." (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 40.60                                                     Poly:4

"a phase shifting filter based on up to 6 dual All-Pass filter stages. The number of stages is selectable from 1-6 with the text fader for up to 6 peaks or notches (selected using the invert button). Its special glassy sound is excellent for using on pads, spacey sequences and to create out of this world effects." (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 40.90                                                     Poly:2

"consists of 8 All-Pass filters arranged in parallel as 8 harmonics. This unique filter blends subtractive synthesis with concepts of additive synthesis to create exotic effects ranging from simple resonators to quasi-comb filters and more." (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 62.50                                                      Poly:1

"a block of 3 multi-mode filters selectable between HighPass, BandPass, LowPass, AllPass and Band-Reject. The filter type control changes all 3 filters together. There are controls and mod inputs for all three filters individually plus all 3 combined, so that they can be controlled separately or all at once. This filter can be used to create custom formant effects or complex filtering interactions for added flavor." (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 49.60                                                       Poly:3