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Main directory.

Default installation path: .../MIDI/

“gates” incoming MIDI notes by producing alternating velocity values of 0 and [original velocity value] at a given clock speed determined by the incoming clock signal. (No Start/Stop input.)

DspLoad 0.00

seq for up to two sequences, each with up to 32 steps. Record a new seq: hit Rec/Play, select Seq1 or Seq2 and play notes. Add steps to the selected seq: first select Seq1 or Seq2, then hit Rec/Play and play notes. Rest Note: specifies a NoteNr to insert rests into the seq. Transposed octave setting (C1=>C0)! Easy transposition (in Play mode) by  incoming midi notes

Bad: no Start/Stop input = sync problems

Good: sequences are stored in presets

DspLoad 0.00                                         Example patch

Single= each new noteOn event produces a trigger signal. Legato= trigger only if there is a gap between notes.

DspLoad 0.00