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Filter: Comb and Vocal

Adern Vowel modules are on the AllPass page.

Default installation path S|C: .../Filter/Comb&Vocal/

Default installation path Flexor: .../-=Flexor=-/Filters/Comb/

dspLoad 10.50/7.30/7.20

"comb filter with a classic flanging sound. It can be tuned to have 4 different flavors (depending on the mix amount and invert switch position). This flanger is ideal for modulation effects as well as for use like a normal filter on pads, leads, and sequences." (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 16.00/12.80/12.80                                   Poly:6

dspLoad 10.00/6.90/6.80

dspLoad 9.60/6.00/5.90

special feature: time control over filter freq/vowel.

ramp module like Flexor ramp or SyncStation has to be connected.

two preset lists: just freq curve and freq curve + all parameters.

dspLoad 11.80/10.30/10.30

CWM download

"a non-recursive phase inverted comb filter. It imparts a quasi-PWM effect when modulated. It also acts as a low-cut filter and is ideal for pads, drum loop mangling and sequences." (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 12.30/9.00/9.00                                       Poly:6

"a classic comb filter with a twist: it has an All-Pass filter in its feedback path. This is useful for creating enharmonic comb filtering, which sounds quite exotic. It also changes the phase relationship along the frequency spectrum of the audio." (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 21.80/18.50/-                                          Poly:3

"a classic chorus effect. There is control over the length of the delay lines which makes it useful for creating fresh new chorus effects with different LFO shapes or even envelopes." (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 15.20/12.10/-                                          Poly:3

"a cross-comb filter. It has two delay lines setup in cross feedback to create a very strong and distinct comb filtering effect. It may also be used to create a stereo effect using its two outputs (each output is fed from one of the delay lines)." (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 19.60/16.40/-                                          Poly:3

"a modulated double comb filter. It creates a detuned effect by tripling and detuning any incoming signal (with 2 additional detuned delay lines mixed to the output with the original signal). This filter has 3 flavor types." (Flexor Manual)

dspLoad 15.10/11.90/11.80                                  Poly:10