Tutorial 15:Vector Synthesis Basics

Vector Synthesis was introduced in 1986 by Sequential Circuit’s ProphetVS synthesizer. it allows crossfading between (usually) four waveforms. besides the ProphetVS, which used  digital wavetable OSCs, Yamaha (SY series: FM+smaple OSCs) and Korg (Wavestation+Oasys: wave sequencing) used Vector synthesis.
if not already done, maybe you want to check the (free) VectronPlayer, or the Vectron itself (if you own it), as they are awesome Vector synthesizers.
more about Vector Synthesis: wikipedia, SOS (handles wavetable, vector and Sample&Synth synthesis)

in this patch, I’ve not used wavetableOSCs (ModIII), but four simple multiOSCs; besides that the usual MVC A, gate2Sync, ADSR env, LinVCA, polyOut, Chorus and:

2x LFO Cwm 2

(LFO/Multi) which serve as crossfading modulation sources for the QuadFade&Control module.


(Seq/Gate) allows retriggering the LFOs every single note

2x1 switches

(Mix&Gain/Switch) PWMamt source for the OSCs (if PW is used) can be selected here (LFO1 or LFO2).


(Mix&Gain/Modulator/QuadFade&Control) - this is the crucial module here, as it actually does the crossfading between the four OSCs. crossfade amount can be controlled by the amtX resp. amtY knobs.


-use different OSC waveforms and/or coarse + fine tunings
-try different LFO waves and rates to modulate the wavetable vector mix
-change the modulation amount in the QuadFade&Control module (amtX, amtY)


use WavetableOSCs (ModIII), WaldorfOSCs or SampleOscillators instead of the multiOSCs. integrate filters. use other mod sources for the QuadFade&Control module (Env, sequencers)

patch includes small preset list.


tut01-basic mono patch
tut02-basic poly patch
tut03-basic Drum OSC patch
tut04-basic seq patch (async)
tut05-PS32 seq remote
tut06-basic seq patch (sync)
tut07-basic CWM morph patch
tut08-Modular as Fx device
tut09-subtractive synthesis basics
tut10-additive synthesis basics
tut11-FM synthesis basics
tut12-AM + RingMod synthesis basics
tut13-Phase modulation basics
tut14-KarplusStrong synthesis basics
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