Tutorial 06: Basic (sync) Sequencer Patch

the provided (async) sequencer modules are all nice and pretty, but if you want something more special, I recommend using sync sequencer modules. Adern Flexor, and CWM have some in store. this patch shows how to connect an external Ramp signal to the sync Sequencer modules. for details how to set up the external Ramp, see here (bottom).

this patch uses multiOSC, AHDvintage, LinVCA, 24dBLowpass filter, VUmeter (optional), and:


(Morph&PSw/PSw/GateSeqPSw) a sync gate seq module by CWM


(Morph&PSw/PSw/NoteSeqPSw) a sync note seq module by CWM


(LFO/Single) - a simple LFO for filter cutoff modulation

Tempo Delay

(Effects/Tempo) - a stereo delay.

(optional) ValMeterCWM

(Mix&Gain/Meter) a module which shows the values of incoming data. in this case it is connected to the audioIn of the Modular, so you can see if and what data are sent. here you should notice the ramp data from the host sequencer: ascending from absolute minimum to absolute maximum. if the module’s pot is not moving, there is something wrong with your connection, or with the designated asio out of the ramp wave audio track. in this case the sequencer modules will not work.


- edit/modify  rhythm and melody by tweaking the Gate and Note sequencing modules. there are handy “random” buttons to let the computer help you with that.
- different OSC waves
- of course EG times and filter settings. the AHD is not only connected to the VCA, but to the cfm1 input of the filter also.
- TempoDelay times and Dry/Wet levels.

check the preset list (Tut06.pre). audio example here.


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