Tutorial 04: Basic (async) Sequencer Patch

Modular2 offers three basic types of Sequencer modules: Gate, Control, Note. also, there are two others which allow remote-control for pattern selection. in this tutorial,  I limit myself just to the basic sequencer modules.

in this patch, 16 modules are used: MVC, LinearVCA, 2x ADSRs, 24dBLpFilter, sawOSC, pitchModifierB, TempoDelay (Effects/Tempo), FrqDivider to control delayTime (Modifer/Frequency), and...


(Seq/Gate) - this small module is quite important for retriggering the sequence by a keyboard - and being in sync with the host sequencer. its input is connected to the gateOut of the MVC, the output to the various Reset inputs of the involved seq modules and the start/stop input of the MIDIclock module.

MIDI Clock

(MIDI/Clock) - this module provides clock signals for the connected seq modules. the tempo of the patch has to be set right here. it also has a MIDI input for external MIDI clock signals, so that the host sequencer can remote-control the tempo; though, due to MIDIclock’s instability, this is not recommended .


(MIDI/Clock) - because the MIDIclock always outputs 24 pulses per beat, it has to be adjusted (divided) in most cases.

Gate SEQ2

(Seq/Gate) - outputs gate messages. the little StepHold buttons below the GateOnOff buttons allow lengthening notes. it also has a “Swing” control, for shuffle rhythms. further general controls for all factory Gate, Pitch and Control seq modules:
Pattern: you can choose from 32 independent patterns. Steps: 1-16 steps. Loop: switches loop On/Off. Break: stops the seqModule. Reset: manual reset of the seqModule.
inputs: Clk, Reset (see above), esync (gateSeq can command full “ramp down” of a connected EG), PSQ , PNo (both not handled here).
outputs: gate, link (passes on “Swing” to conn. modules), Sync (to PatternSeq, not handled here)

Ctrl SEQ B2

a bipolar control sequencer which, in this case, controls the cutoff of the lowpass filter.

Pitch SEQ

a ControlSeq module which is optimized for pitch modulation.


comes with preset list.
audio example: here

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