Tutorial 01: Simple patch with one OSC and two EGs for amp and filter cf modulation.

in this tutorial, just some basic blocks / modules of a monophonic synthesizer are connected, so we can hear some sound.

when you load an empty Modular patch, you will see four modules that cannot be removed:

Audio In
Audio Out

defines the MIDI channel (omni, 1-16)
provides audio signals (if connected to the Modular)
outputs MIDI data (almost never used)
the audio output of the ModularSynth.

in this patch, seven more modules are used:


(MIDI/MVC) - this is the module which makes the connection between your keyboard, or sequencer software, and the Modular. you have controls for basic pitch and fine tuning, pitchWheel range, portamento, and velocity and aftertouch sensivity (Curves knob).


(OSC/Multi) - this is our sound source. it is an OSC with sine, tri, sawUp, sawDown, and pulse waveforms. please always connect the MVC’s freq output to the OSC freq in before connecting the envelope to the MVC and playing any notes, because by default=unconnected the OSC outputs at 0.01 Hz, which can harm your speakers at high volume.


(Mix&Gain/VCAs) - this one outputs the audio out of the OSC, subject to it’s control input (the left ADSR envelope).

24dB Lowpass

(Filter/Lowpass) - a standard lp filter, modulated by the right ADSR envelope.

two ADSR envelopes

(Env/ADSRs) - the left ADSR is used to control the loudness and duration of the played note, by connecting it to a vca module.
the ADSR on the right modifies the cutoff frequency of the lowpass filter.
the MVC gateOut is connected to the gateIn of the EGs, and the EG outputs to VCA mod in, resp. filter CFm1, and the EG’s esync outputs to the esyncAdder.
additional connections:
-to control the modulation amount by velocity, the Vel output of the MVC is connected to the Lmod input of the EGs.
-to modulate envelope times by velocity, the Vel of the MVC is connected to the Tmod2 input of the EGs.
-to provide keytracking, the Note out of the MVC is connected to the the Tmod1 input of the EGs.


(Env/Esync) - reports messages from the envelopes back to the MVC, so that the MVC “knows” the current state of the EGs.

if you try the provided presets (tut1.pre), you can listen to some example sounds I’ve edited (or store your own creations).


tut01-basic mono patch
tut02-basic poly patch
tut03-basic Drum OSC patch
tut04-basic seq patch (async)
tut05-PS32 seq remote
tut06-basic seq patch (sync)
tut07-basic CWM morph patch
tut08-Modular as Fx device
tut09-subtractive synthesis basics
tut10-additive synthesis basics
tut11-FM synthesis basics
tut12-AM + RingMod synthesis basics
tut13-Phase modulation basics
tut14-KarplusStrong synthesis basics
tut15-Vector synthesis basics