semi-modular synth


you can choose which parts the synth should contain (and what can be omitted).


more flexibility. economic use of the available dsps, because only the modules needed for a certain sound will be loaded.
more possibilities for sound creation by connecting parts (modules), which could not interact in any “normal” synth.


sound sources:
*MultiOscSlave - can be synced to gate (useful for FM) or a MultiOscMaster (HardSync).
*morphingSaw (morphs between sine and saw waves)
*morphingPulse (morphs between pulse and saw waves)
*RawSaw - more brilliant than a usual saw, but (in higher frequencies) slightly distorted sound
*uknow osc
*waldorf osc
*ExtIn1&2 - external signals can be processed in many ways
*Adsr and Ad envelopes with attack & delay slope, LevelVelocity and TimeVelocity
*multiLfo - expanded version with polarity switch, beatSync and gain modulation. value meter to control its output (small button).
*randomSignalGenerator - type (sine/tri/step), polarity switch, rate modulation. value meter to control its output.
*envFollow - to use external audio as a modulation source
*extIn/Insert - all signals inside (osc1-3, noise, ins11-26) and outside (extIn1,2) can be used as modulation sources
*keyFollow - amount (-/+200) and baseKey controls, useful eg for KarplusStrong synthesis
*const/CC - use a midiCC to modulate several sound parameters at once
*aTrigAdsr - an adsr envelope which is not triggered by a keystroke but if its loudness reaches a given threshold
*BitChop (ins11+21 only) - bit reduction from 32 to 1 bit, resulting in increasingly distorded sound
*TempoDelay (ins12-16 and 22-26 only) - max. delTime 5461ms
*Division - modulatable distortion module
*multiply(Vca) - module that is normally used in any sound for loudness control (except neverending “noodles”)
*x^2or3 - power of 2 or 3 of the processed signal
*MultiModeFilter - 12dB multimode filter
*CombFilter - coarse, reso, damp can be modulated
*8kModDelay - max delTime 166.7ms (can be modulated); timeOffset, damp and FBamp controls. module is quite heavy on dsp.
*Mix4 - inputs are osc1-3, noise, ext1/2, ins11-26)

other features.

*pan&out section: set panning incl. panMod and level for the two insert lines (ins11-16 resp. 21-26).
*VUs for every insert to avoid clipping. notice that VUs will display only every nth time, where n is the number of voices: with just one voice, it will always be active, but with 4 voices, it will display only every 4th time. the VUs can be switched off all together.
*note pad on bottom of the synth to give hints for the presets you created (eg. “extIn”, “use aftertouch” etc.)
*Chorus and 3xEQ before audio out.


here; pic here; discussion on planetZ here

CwmDevices1 (Dx, Atze, Reloopah, BassSynthi)