Notes on the Scope Modular Synth (2):


history: Modular1 came out in 1999, together with Pulsar software version 1.0, with 124 modules. the modules still can be used in mod2/III shell, but the different size may cause problems.
some guys say that Modular1 sounds “different” compared to mod2/III. hard to believe, because mod1 and mod2/III use almost the same dsp atoms. one of the few difference I’ve noticed was the (theoretical) envelope attack setting of 0ms, which produces a somehow faster attack as in mod2/III (min. 3.7ms) indeed.


complete lists of (non-3rd-party) modules can be found here: Mod1, Mod2, Mod3, Mod4


apart from that, there is a highly recommended module package by Adern (225€), and there are of course some free modules by myself - for a more or less complete list see here and here.


lttle overview of modularSynth and Pulsar/Scope versions:



ModIII has a unique feature called MRC (ModularRemoteControl), which makes it possible to assign 16 controls to designated parameters. if you have a large patch, this could be a kind of help, provided that you can live with tweaking only 16 parameters. but the real  benefit of ModIII is the additional modules.

ModularIII MRC


IMHO the sometimes bemoaned “preset bug” is mainly based on some misunderstanding. if you've studied the ModularSynth manual carefully, you've hopefully stumbled across this passage: “When you store a modular preset, it applies only to the current modules loaded and their wiring. Changes to the modules or their connections can lead to unpredictable results. For example, if you replace one module with another, there will be no settings in the preset for the new module.” this is a clear statement. please forgot the following sentence, though, because it is quite misunderstanding (to say the least): “To use the preset after replacing a module, you have to save it again.“ wrong, I'd like to say, at least in most cases. make presets only after you've accomplished all modules, or “finalized” the patch. if you want to use presets: don't replace, add or remove any module after you reloaded a patch and/or made presets. exceptions are modules without any controls, like the DcBlockingFilter. you can add or delete them without hassle. one more thing: there is an “auto-save” option. use it with care, because if you modify the patch by accident and forgot to uncheck it, the patch and it's preset list will be corrupted (because you modified the patch, see above, and then auto-saved it).


autosave - better keep it unchecked if you want to use presets

tut01-basic mono patch
tut02-basic poly patch
tut03-basic Drum OSC patch
tut04-basic seq patch (async)
tut05-PS32 seq remote
tut06-basic seq patch (sync)
tut07-basic CWM morph patch
tut08-Modular as Fx device
tut09-subtractive synthesis basics
tut10-additive synthesis basics
tut11-FM synthesis basics
tut12-AM + RingMod synthesis basics
tut13-Phase modulation basics
tut14-KarplusStrong synthesis basics
tut15-Vector synthesis basics