Notes on the Scope Modular Synth (1):


- take a look at pic(1) to get familiar with the Modular window
- “show/hide cables on move” (M): highly recommended, because it keeps cpu demand low. this is especially useful with big patches. works only if solo cabling mode (S) is turned off!
- there is a function called “autosave”. I strongly recommend to keep this off, except you’re not after saving presets (see next page: Notes on Scope Modular Synth (advanced), bullet 7).


adding a module works by click-and-hold the module, and release the mouse button somewhere within the module container. it does not work like in the usual Scope window, where you just click on a device to add it to your Scope project. with the ModularSynth, you have to  define the exact position of the module in the Modular window.  just clicking on a module results in losing it in the modular nirwana.


the MIDI module has a little bug, as it cannot be moved when you try to draw by clicking on the “MIDI Channel” or “MIDI Out” text. just click elsewhere if you want to move it.


the modules are described in the Mod2/III reference pdfs or  throughout this site’s various sections (together with dsp load).


possible/impossible connections:
there are basically three signal types: MIDI, async and sync integer signals.
-MIDI signals can only be connected to other MIDI signals.
-async outputs (e.g. constant value module) can be connected to  sync inputs (e.g. lfo freq in).
-sync outputs (e.g. osc) cannot be connected to async inputs (e.g. gateIn of an envelope), except by using an aync/sync converter module (see here).
-one output can serve several inputs; obviously, you cannot connect several outputs to one input.


missing Modular folder menus (pic2) can rely on three reasons:
1) grafic card problem when using two or more monitors:
change the position of the modular container so that it is now on your primary monitor. close the Modular panel. click on the Modular’s thumbnail in the Scope live bar to get it visible again - the menus are back.
2) wrong Scope installation - the folders which contains the modules have been disarranged/moved/deleted. the correct path is: Scope/Modular2 Modules
3) busted cset.ini: the correct cset.ini entry for the location of the modules is
Modules=[x]:/Scope/Modular2 Modules
(replace [x] with the drive letter of your Scope installation harddisk)
2) and 3): watch the [space] betw. Modular2 and Modules!


daisy-chaining of connections is possible and sometimes helps to keep patch layout clear (pic3).


if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate asking on planetZ.


Missing menu

(2) - missing modular folders


(3) - daisy-chaining connections

tut01-basic mono patch
tut02-basic poly patch
tut03-basic Drum OSC patch
tut04-basic seq patch (async)
tut05-PS32 seq remote
tut06-basic seq patch (sync)
tut07-basic CWM morph patch

tut08-Modular as Fx device
tut09-subtractive synthesis basics
tut10-additive synthesis basics
tut11-FM synthesis basics
tut12-AM + RingMod synthesis basics
tut13-Phase modulation basics
tut14-KarplusStrong synthesis basics
tut15-Vector synthesis basic