ModIV is a payable upgrade, available from SC’s webshop (179€ resp. 139€ if you have ModIII).
*Scope software v5 required.
*comes with ~100 new modules, some bugfixed Mod2/III modules, and a new modular shell.
*the ModIV shell is basically the same as in ModIII (except some graphical changes), and comes in the usual 2In/4Out and 8In/8Out varieties.
*ModIV modules can be loaded into Mod2/III shell.
*ModIV module listing: see here.


tut01-basic mono patch
tut02-basic poly patch
tut03-basic Drum OSC patch
tut04-basic seq patch (async)
tut05-PS32 seq remote
tut06-basic seq patch (sync)
tut07-basic CWM morph patch
tut08-Modular as Fx device
tut09-subtractive synthesis basics
tut10-additive synthesis basics
tut11-FM synthesis basics
tut12-AM + RingMod synthesis basics
tut13-Phase modulation basics
tut14-KarplusStrong synthesis basics
tut15-Vector synthesis basics